COVID-19: Perspectives

Test the vulnerability of your business, online and for free. . It will provide key insights on how to approach immediate priorities, on how to prepare for the overcome and search for structural optimizations base on 4 complementary perspectives: People, Finance, Processes, Clients and Society.

A practical approach to overcome the social economic challenges of the crisis and prepare for a new global context




Studies and Sectorial Analysis


COVID-19 Perspectives


Perspectives for the Mining Industry


COVID-19 and the Predictive Models


Perspectives for the Food Industry


Perspectives for Education

Microeconomic Impact

The social economic impacts had different impacts by segment. Identify your business exposure and analyze its vulnerability to this crisis.

Workforce Impacts

Besides the clear economic impacts, there are critical consequences for the workforce that must be considered

Potential Impacts

a) Employee health, mental wellness

and overall safety

b) Local and international mobility


c) New challenges to effectively share


d) Idle workforce due to temporary

hold on services or processes

e) Financial stability of the employees


a) Provide clear health & safety guidelines aligned with experts

b) Prioritize and enable remote

working capabilities

c) Set clear principles for effective communication strategy and routines

d) Assess, train and reprioritize

workforce skills and FTE distribution

e) Setup action plan to mitigate

impacts in employee compensation

1. Defining the Governance

Our approach to the crisis




Clients and


Our experience shows that a coordinated response of short-term initiatives to

ensure survival in the period of crisis, coupled with structuring planning for the post-crisis period, allows organizations to withstand turbulence and successfully seize long-term opportunities.

2. Executing contingency actions

3. Planning for the Post-crisis

Crisis management and planning

Agile process re-design

Digital ZBB (Zero Base Budgeting)

Sales Central Intelligence

How can Falconi help you

Among other approaches

For the crisis period, we are prepared to support our clients through different agile formats, with remote approaches available and digital solutions

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